Orient Capital is the largest analyser of share registers globally and the dominant provider of equity ownership analytics to listed companies in multiple markets.

Our focus is to provide clients with a suite of products and services that enable them to maximise the opportunity of public ownership and to reap the benefits of good investor relations.

We identify and track our clients' shareholders, as well as their behaviour, using either local ownership disclosure provisions or our own proprietary methodologies, which include leveraging our extensive global relationships with custodians and investors.

miraqle, Orient Capital's online platform, is the system through which we deliver all our ownership reporting, whether this be across registered shareholders, institutional investors, underlying beneficial owners or employee shareholders. It comprises a uniquely integrated suite of modules that allow companies to efficiently and accurately identify, profile, track, manage, target and engage with investors, potential investors and the wider investment community.

Orient Capital is a member of ASX-listed Link Group, a leading global administrator of financial ownership data within the pension fund industry and across corporate markets.

In corporate markets, Link offers a uniquely integrated suite of services that assist organisations to manage their interactions with the Capital Markets and meet the obligations that come with the public ownership of their companies or products.

Our corporate markets capabilities include registry, employee share plans, investor relations and stakeholder management. We also offer company secretarial support, as well as various specialist offerings such as insolvency solutions. We operate from offices in eleven countries throughout Australasia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Globally, we support over 3,000 listed companies, including a significant number of Australia's largest companies, and manage more than 30 million shareholder accounts.


Orient Capital continues to expand its Share Register Analysis service, having now identified over 1 million beneficial owners worldwide.


Supported over 700 webcasts for clients across the world from our Sydney, Hong Kong and London offices.


Orient Capital incorporated Link Group’s LAS (Link Asset Services) 200+ strong investor relations client base on its miraqle platform and supporting infrastructure.


Supported the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) to identify UK share ownership as part of their bi-annual survey.


Orient Capital completed its 10,000th share register analysis.


Link Group listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:LNK) on 27 October 2015.


Acquired UK based King Worldwide Investor Relations. Acquired DF King & Co's European proxy solicitation business from American Stock Transfer & Trust.


Orient Capital launched its miraqle iPad app for roadshow management.


UK registrar Equniti selected Orient Capital to provide investor relations services to its clients. Société Générale did the same in France. Orient Capital spread its client base further into continental Europe.


Orient Capital and ASX launched a suite of online investor relations products for ASX listed companies. In the UK, Orient Capital partnered with UBS Investment Bank to provide investor relations services to its corporate broking clients.


Orient Capital expanded into webcasting. It opened offices in Johannesburg and Paris.


Orient Capital opened in Hong Kong. At the same time it completed its 25,000th share register analysis and provided transaction support services for $30 billion of equity capital raised by Australian companies in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis. The Open Briefing service was integrated into the company.


Orient Capital opened its first offshore office in London.


Orient Capital invested in a rebuild of its core IT systems to position the company for global growth.


Link Group acquired Orient Capital from ASX. Under Link Group's ownership, Orient Capital was given a mandate to expand its product offering and pursue global growth opportunities.


ASX moved to 100% ownership of Orient Capital. Orient Capital developed another market first - highly sophisticated analytical support for pro-rata accelerated renounceable entitlement offers.


Orient Capital launched its transaction support services. During a period of significant market M&A activity, Orient Capital recognised the growing need for clients to be able to closely monitor investor movements during corporate actions. Orient Capital entered the Singapore market.


Orient Capital completed its 500th share register analysis.


Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) acquired a 50 per cent stake in Orient Capital.


Orient Capital expanded into the New Zealand market.


Orient Capital launched miraqle, the world's first web-based global investor database and investor relations management tool. In the ensuing years, miraqle helped revolutionise investor relations practices, providing clients with the ability to identify, access and communicate with investors 24/7. Orient Capital shifted its focus from consulting to delivering market intelligence through technology.


Orient Capital developed a proprietary share register analysis platform that automated the information gathering and collation process. This development delivered significant cost savings to clients, as well as greatly improving turnaround times and much enhanced data integrity.


Australian legislation was amended to enable share register analysis. Orient Capital began conducting regular share register analyses for its clients.


Orient Capital undertook its first full analysis of a share register. Weeks of analysing the raw custodian ownership data of a top 10 Australian company was distilled into a detailed investor report.


Orient Capital conducted its first global investor perception study. The 'Scan' family of annual studies became important tools for many Australian companies targeting global capital.


As offshore investment in Australian grew, Orient Capital expanded its services to include end-to-end management of global roadshows for Australian listed companies. By the end of the decade Orient Capital was managing 60 per cent of all offshore roadshows undertaken by Australian companies.


Orient Capital started as a full service investor relations consultancy focused on helping Australasian companies to manage their communications with offshore investors.