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Orient Capital is uniquely positioned both in experience and data to deliver value-adding market intelligence projects. 

Specifically we have extensive experience in providing perception studies and bespoke targeting exercises. In the last year alone been mandated to conduct perception studies on behalf of a number of clients globally.

Perception Studies

Whilst some of the studies we have worked on have been based on very specific topics, such as thoughts on a new executive team or the analysis of market sentiment for issues such as capital market days, others have been much broader and focus on the perception of company strategy or much wider sector and market reviews.  All of our projects have been delivered on time and in some cases ahead of the scheduled delivery dates.   

The main objective of the study research is to provide a clear overview of current market, based upon a series of key themes requested to be explored. To best deliver this we work closely with you to understand your key objectives and how best to deliver against them.

Project sample sizes are typically up to 20-25 interviews and based on around 20 questions to maximise engagement and response, although this can be increased as required. The confidential nature of the interviews means that you will receive verbatim, non-attributable feedback unless specifically requested by the investor. In addition, these interviews will provide the opportunity to not only understand the investors’ perception of potential future issues concerning their investment but also how this might fit into the investment strategy more generally.

We will ensure a coherent and strategic approach in delivering this study, with our goal being to deliver:

  • A professional, effective perception study design
  • A qualitative report delivered by experienced market practitioners
  • Access to a wide pool of targeted respondents through our proprietary contact database
  • Proven execution methodology
  • Accurate and clear reporting of all responses


The objective of a targeting project is to develop a prioritised list of target institutional investors for you by identifying existing and potential opportunities in key institutions with holdings and interest in your group versus a selection of global peers. In advance of beginning a project, we would discuss your specific targeting requirements to focus our efforts on specific regions or types of investors.

Our service focuses on a Quantitative & Qualitative approach to targeting. The intelligence we produce can be used to assess and reach out to possible new investors, plan roadshows and maximise the use of management time in front of investors. This in turn should:

  • increase interest and awareness in the equity proposition, specifically targeting new groups of investors
  • lower the cost of capital and increase efficiency of activity
  • achieve a fair market value for the stock based on the largest possible worldwide audience of investors being reached by the investor relations department and senior management team
  • ultimately provide a benchmark from which to measure future levels of IR success

Client case study

Befimmo, a Regulated REIT listed on Euronext Brussels, is a real-estate operator specialising in office buildings, meeting centres and coworking spaces, in Belgium and Luxembourg.

OC has completed 2 perception studies in 2019 and 2020 covering equity investors. OC was able to touch base on capital allocation in 2019, realising that Befimmo’s investors were favourable to a lower dividend payout to achieve a better capital structure.

In 2020, we were able to discuss strategy post-Covid19. The results significantly challenged the current business strategy, with investors keen to diversify outside the main segment

In the past 12 months, our OC intelligence team has interviewed over 600 investors, analysts and IR professionals for perception studies on several topics for IR, Senior Management and Boards.

To discuss your perception study and targeting requirements in more detail please contact:


Gustav Pegers

Director, Orient Capital


Henry Chik

Head of Client Relations

Australia and New Zealand

Francesca Tait

Client Advisor