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Share analysis

What sets our analysis apart?


Our whole analysis process, through data capture and analysis, is underpinned by a proprietary technology platform developed over 20 years, which is without parallel in our industry. This platform delivers unmatched outcomes for our clients around data quality, depth of analysis and timeliness of delivery.

Marrying this capability with our long-standing relationships with hundreds of custodians globally we are able to accurately identify issuers’ institutional shareholders and their underlying beneficial owners to an unsurpassed level of granularity.

Data quality

Our reports are not plagued by subjective interpretation that results in inexplicable and random data variances. Instead, a rigorous and process driven analytical methodology delivers exceptional consistency and accuracy. The sheer volume of our analysis work across multiple markets ensures unsurpassed data quality – we are constantly investigating new and changed investment mandates to validate the ongoing accuracy of our core database. No other provider has this leverage of scale from which all of our clients benefit.

Depth of analysis

With technology taking care of data capture and processing, our analysts’ entire focus is on qualitative checking, auditing and interpretation. Do the reports make sense; are there unusual, rapid or suspicious changes that need highlighting? We look at what is going on across our wider client base and a client’s sector to understand and explain what is happening on their register. We refer to this as ‘Intelligent Analytics’.


Our ability to process large amounts of complex, unstructured data in a timely and accurate manner underpins our ability to deliver to client deadlines, on time, every time, whatever the frequency. We understand the importance to our clients and their advisors of receiving our ownership analysis reports in a timely and reliable manner.

In Price

OC’s unique Acquisition Price Report can be used to supplement our analytical intelligence findings and is already proving to be an important new tool for Management and IR professionals ahead of investor meetings and roadshows.

This report will help you to understand more clearly questions such as; i) to what extent has a shareholder gained or lost from their investment? ii) what has it cost a beneficial shareholder to build its current shareholding? ii) Does a particular investor have an entry strategy or iv) are any of your current investors close to realising an exit price?

This report captures the dividend and trading information behind each shareholder over a chosen period, providing further context to conventional data such as market weightings and regular share register analysis. Utilising the share register data and weighted averages for the buy and sell transactions we are able to provide a high level view of each investor’s performance. 

Get in touch with your local office to find out more about how we can help your IR programme.

We have over 1m beneficial owners identified, completed 100% of analyses on time and support an average 98%+ analysis rate


In the past 12 months we have delivered over 11,900 analyses, issued 380,000+ disclosure requests and worked on 58 bespoke analytical projects