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Our history

Orient Capital (OC) was started in 1991 as a full service investor relations consultancy focused on helping Australasian companies to manage communications with off shore investors.
In a series of firsts over the course of the 1990's OC conducted its first perception study in 1992 and its first full share register analysis in the same year, utilising raw custodian ownership data. With the amendment of Australian legislation in 1995 OC began to conduct regular share register analysis for its clients. In 1998 OC developed its proprietary share analysis platform, thereby automating the gathering and collation process, leading to significant cost savings for clients, greatly reducing delivery times and improving data integrity.

In 1999 OC launched miraqle, the world's first web-based global investor database and investor relations management tool. In the ensuing years, miraqle helped revolutionise investor relations practices, providing clients with the ability to identify, access and communicate with investors 24/7.

The turn of the century saw the start of OC's expansion as we entered the New Zealand market and in 2001 theAustralian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) took a 50% stake in the company, increasing this to 100% in 2004. The intervening years saw the launch of OC's transaction support services, expansion into Singapore and the development of highly sophisticated analytical support for pro-rata accelerated renounceable entitlement offers.

Following Link Groups acquisition of OC in 2006, our London office was opened in 2008 and Hong Kong office in 2009. The same year also saw the delivery of OC's 25,000th share register analysis report. Our international expansion continued in 2010 with the opening of offices in Paris and Johannesburg, as well as the launch of new services, including webcasting. Significant issuer and Broker wins over the next few years saw OC establish itself as the market leading provider in Australia and the UK, as well as gain a significant presence in Europe and South Africa.

2014 saw a significant addition to OC with the acquisition of UK based King Worldwide and the European proxy solicitation business of D.F. King Ltd from American Stock Transfer & Trust.
Following Link Group's successful IPO on the ASX in 2015, OC incorporated Link Asset Services 200+ strong IR client base in the UK in 2018.

OC's growth and expansion has continued over the last few years with the establishment of Orient Capital GmbH in Germany, a formal partnership with FB Group in Italy, JSE Investor Services in South Africa and OC services in India through our Link Intime brand.

Firmly establishing OC as the market leading IR provider, supporting over 1,600 issuers and advisors across the world, constantly innovating and adapting to support the changing needs of our clients.

The shareholder analysis is of the highest quality and the platform allows us to easily tailor each of our client’s report to their preferences, giving a bespoke shareholder report to each, which is extremely valuable to our clients and especially those with dual listings. The Orient Capital team are excellent! Not only did they make it a very easy and quick process to get set up but also, they are always on hand to respond to any queries in a very time efficient manner.  We highly value the services they provide!

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